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The Real Food Reel Podcast | Ep 85 with Bianca Monahan

11 August 2016

The Real Food Reel, hosted by Steph Lowe from The Natural Nutritionist has long been one of my favourite health and wellness podcasts. You can imagine then my excitement when I was asked to be a guest on her show last month to discuss all things health, as well as my #banthebottle campaign.

You can listen to my episode online here, or download the whole Real Food Reel podcast from iTunes and listen to Steph’s whole back catalogue (dooooo it!).

“In Episode 85 of The Real Food Reel we speak with Bianca Monahan from Sprout Health. Bianca is a qualified Personal Trainer and health nut, with over six years experience in the health industry. Bianca and I discuss health and wellness and share with you her #banthebottle campaign.”


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SPROUT SPOTLIGHT | The Merrymaker Sisters

22 October 2015

It’s SPROUT Spotlight time! A chance for me to introduce to you some special people who have truly inspired me and motivated me to keep encouraging and inspiring others. In a world where we often see so much hate and violence, it’s always refreshing to remember that there are some truly awesome humans still sprinkling the good stuff around!

It is with a huge smile on my face that I introduce you to the Merrymaker Sisters. I say with a huge smile because these girls make me laugh so much! They remind me of my sister and I except with better food hah! I have been following The Merrymaker recipes for a while now but I got the chance to chat in person with these two gorgeous girls at the 2015 Problogger event in August. Their infectious energy and bubbly personality just made me smile and I love their evolving yet honest attitude towards food and health.

So pour yourself a tea and cut yourself a piece of Merrymaker Paleo Nutella Mud Cake (yes it exists) and get to know these cheeky sisters.


1. How many years young are you and what do you do?

Emma is 27 and Carla is 24! Spring chickens! We call ourselves Merrymakers. We’re the founders of The Merrymaker Sisters which inspires hundreds of thousands with real food recipes, positive mindset advice and ways to find and follow your purpose. It really is our dream job!


2. Why do you eat the way you do?

In a nutshell… it makes us fell good! The way we see it is that we should all be doing things that make us feel our bests. Keep experimenting because this will always change too! Our diet is paleo inspired, but we include a few well prepared grains as well as good quality dairy sometimes!


3. What does wellness mean to you?  

Wellness is about filling your life with more good! Good energy, good words, good food, good friends, good fun. Anything that makes you happy and feel good, falls in to the wellness sphere!


4. Can you tell us a bit more The

It’s a place where our readers can come for advice, ideas and inspiration. A place where you’ll leave feeling happier and healthier! We’re all about quick, easy and delish healthy recipes, as well as sharing our advice on how to flip your positive switch ON!


5. What’s your advice for people who often feel overwhelmed by all the diet & nutrition information out there? Any quick tips? 

1. Don’t be intimidated by the ‘no list’ concentrate on what you can eat and filling your plate with good stuff.

2. Try new food, recipes, websites, cook books, cooking styles and make the whole process fun and enjoyable.

3. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to being healthy. Find what works for you and what makes you feel good!


6. What’s your favourite healthy meal? 

Oh! There are SOO many! But at the moment, we can’t go past our new Sweet n Sour Chicken! It’s ridiculously YUM!


7. Whats it like working so closely together?  

We are seriously blessed to have found our bliss… our purpose for being on this planet! And yes… that is to merrymake over the world! Working with your best friend every day, doing what we love is the BEST. THING. EVER! It’s made us even closer and really appreciate our sister bond.


8. Top ‘Oh My God PINCH ME’ moment from 2015 so far?

That would of had to been when we held a copy of our book for the very first time! It was crazy to see our recipes on paper… looking oh so pretty! Make It Merry has been a huge success already and we’re really proud of it!


9. What’s happening next?  

We’re launching our very first Make Life Merry Challenge! Which is 4 weeks to a healthier, happier you! We kept getting emails about our readers wanting meal plans and extra support! Make Life Merry includes done for you meal plans with never before seen recipes as well as a private Facebook group where our members get daily guidance, advice and support! It’s a really exciting time here in Merrymaker Land!


10. Favourite quote?

Would have to be… follow your bliss!



Follow Carla & Emma!


Instagram: @themerrymakersisters

Twitter: @themmsisters


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SPROUT Spotlight | Jayce Love-Attard from Train Holistic

25 August 2015

Welcome back to SPROUT Spotlight (gosh it’s been a while- apologies!). A chance for me to introduce to you some special people who have truly inspired me and motivated me to keep encouraging and inspiring others. In a world where we often see so much hate and violence, it’s always refreshing to remember that there are some truly awesome humans still sprinkling the good stuff around!

Today I want to introduce to you a yoga practising, whole food eating, deep sea diving and F45 training champion- Jayce Love-Attard. I first “met” this seriously fit dude the old fashioned way- through Instagram ;).

I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled upon him, but I instantly became obsessed with his shots of super yummy, yet simple whole foods, his awesome strength & flexibility poses and his emphasis on life balance and mindful living. Jayce is a refreshing twist to the usual “gym junkie” dudes we all know too well, who places just as much emphasis on his nutrition and mental state as he does on his physical training.




1. How many years young are you and what do you do?

I am 24 years of age and I am currently a serving member of the Royal Australian Navy as a Trainee Clearance Diver. In my spare time, I am a personal trainer and a passionate lifestyle, health and wellness coach.


2. I LOVE that you represent the dudes in what is often a female saturated “health blogging” world! A lot of guys I know think they have to smash the carbs and protein shakes to get fit. You stick to your whole foods and natural sources (which I LOVE!). Why do you eat the way you do?

Over-time and with self-exploration I found that eating the standard Western diet was only holding back my health and wellness progression. Eating primal, wholefoods provides the optimum opportunity for us to heal, repair, energize and be happy!


3. What does wellness mean to you?

True wellness to me means connecting yourself with every element of health and fitness including nutrition, exercise and mindfulness in order to achieve a state of contentment with how you exist in the present moment.


4. Can you tell us a bit more about Train Holistic?

Train Holistic began as a passion of mine in exploring different facets nutrition and exercise that worked for me in terms of improving performance and aiding recovery. It seemed like a natural progression and a positive, worthwhile use of my own time to begin to share the knowledge from research and trial and error that I had picked up on my own journey. In this way, the goal or vision for Train Holistic is to provide a solid platform and accessible resource for like-minded people to begin or continue to tweak, improve on and progress with their own health and wellness journeys. The website and other social media related to Train Holistic is intended to provide a useful base for people of all lifestyle backgrounds, physical ability and nutritional standpoints.


5. You combine a lot of HIT (F45) training with Yoga as well, do you find that the discipline and combination of strength and flexibly in yoga helps the other areas of your training?

For sure! When I began to incorporate yoga into my lifestyle about 3 years ago, the progression began to occur 10 fold in all other areas of life. I actually realised that I didn’t really know how to breathe properly until I began practicing yoga. The ability to connect the movement of the body with the breath, as well as the improvements in mobility, flexibility and body awareness that yoga provides is a defining factor in my training.


6. Mental health is just as important as physical health and I know you practise a lot of mindfulness and self appreciation. What sorts of things do you do to keep your mental health in check?

Meditation, mindful eating, yoga and mindful breathing (I think appreciating ‘alone time’ or at least a few moments of solitude a week in general allows me to keep my mental health in check).


7. What’s a non-negotiable in your daily routine?

Movement, movement, movement. (and I do love a coffee.)


8. Favourite meal to cook?

I couldn’t decide between slow cooked lamb shanks or coconut green chicken curry.


 9. Food or health/wellness idol?

I think Pete Evans is doing great things bringing large scale awareness to the negative impacts of societies current way of life with poor, uninformed food choices and lack of movement. At the same time he also provides people with ways to make the change (Paleo or not Paleo) to a more active and nutrition educated pathway.


10. Favourite quote?

“Man can’t discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”.


Get in touch with Jayce

Website: Train Holistic 

Instagram: @train_holistic


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