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The Real Food Reel Podcast | Ep 85 with Bianca Monahan

11 August 2016

The Real Food Reel, hosted by Steph Lowe from The Natural Nutritionist has long been one of my favourite health and wellness podcasts. You can imagine then my excitement when I was asked to be a guest on her show last month to discuss all things health, as well as my #banthebottle campaign.

You can listen to my episode online here, or download the whole Real Food Reel podcast from iTunes and listen to Steph’s whole back catalogue (dooooo it!).

“In Episode 85 of The Real Food Reel we speak with Bianca Monahan from Sprout Health. Bianca is a qualified Personal Trainer and health nut, with over six years experience in the health industry. Bianca and I discuss health and wellness and share with you her #banthebottle campaign.”


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Healthy Swaps For Weight Loss & Wellness

8 June 2016

As cliché as it sounds, sometimes it’s just small every day substitutions that can make a real difference to our health. I have never been one for deprivation so hard diets and ridiculous fasts have never been my caper. I choose instead to eat a diet balanced with whole foods that NOURISH my body while also enjoying a variety of food groups and the occasional treat.

If you’re at the beginning of your health or weight loss journey and are feeling a little overwhelmed with all the information out there, start off with these simple health swaps.

Swap lollies or sweet junk for fresh berries or dates with natural yoghurt & honey

Swap soda or soft drink with sparkling water and fruit

Swap heavy carbs like white bread & pasta to wholegrain varieties like brown rice, sweet potato, quinoa & oats

Swap low fat dairy/skinny dairy for full fat/cream organic varieties. (Remember, good fats won’t make you fat!)

Swap margarine for real butter

Swap sugary breakfast cereals for overnight oats and fruit

Swap vegetable oils for coconut, olive or macadamia oil

Swap multiple cups of coffee to ONE cup of coffee. Substitute the rest for herbal teas

Swap GMO & Synthetic vitamins to whole food supps & a good quality probiotic (if you’re gut isn’t working properly- nothing will!)

Swap that 3pm sugar hit for a high protein snack like PB & celery or some mixed nuts to keep you going until dinner

Swap that last Netflix episode for an earlier bed time (lack of sleep could be causing you weight gain)


Commit to these small swaps and watch them become regular habits!

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Morning Tonic

9 March 2016

I know, it sounds hideously Miranda Kerr-esque and you’ve probably heard it a million times before- HOWEVER! Warm lemon water does have its benefits.

Along with my #banthebottle resolution for 2016, I have also committed to incorporating this morning tonic into my AM routine. And this time I mean actually doing it, not just reading about it.

Warm water alone is actually wonderful for our bodies, especially first thing in the morning. The warming temperature is much kinder to our intestines opposed to a cold shock of chilled liquid first thing as we wake up. Warm water assists with constipation, blood circulation and can help alleviate menstrual pain and headaches by relaxing the abdominal muscles and reducing inflammation.

When you add lemon to the warm water, you are adding vital electrolytes in the form of potassium, calcium and magnesium while also alkalising your body’s PH levels (yes even though lemons are acidic- go figure). Lemons also provide great antioxidants for the skin and are loaded with Vitamin C to boost your immune system.

As well as a slice of lemon I also add a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). ACV has been touted as a “super fluid” that can assist with everything from hair and skin health, lowering your cholesterol and fighting diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity. I am convinced that ACV has changed my complexion. I cant really describe it but it just seems clearer and more fresh at the end of the day. Whatever the reason, i’m loving it sick!

Combined together- warm water, lemon & AVC provide one pretty kick ass tonic to start your day. To save time I freeze lemon pieces with AVC in ice trays then just pop one in a glass of hot water in the morning. Mess free and a big time saver!

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