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One Wave is REALLY all it takes

30 June 2015

1 in 5 people will experience mental health illness in their lifetime. Yet more than 65% of those with mental health issues will never seek help.

Someone very close to me is a 1 in 5.

I have never personally experienced a mental health issue but have seen first hand how debilitating it can be to someone’s life and their general view of the world and themselves. It’s heart breaking. And what makes it harder is the social stigma attached to mental illnesses that makes it even more difficult for sufferers to seek help.


ONE WAVE is a non for profit surfing community tackling funks like depression, anxiety and other mental health issues with a simple recipe: salt-water, surfing, good mates and Fluro Fridays. Since launching in Bondi in 2013, ONE WAVE, has reached over 50 beaches Worldwide (plus the SPROUTIES of Brisbane), raising awareness and reducing social stigmas around mental health issues through Fluro Friday sessions, the OneWave Surfing Experience and positive social media activity.

Co-founder Grant Trebilco’s own battle with mental health is where OneWave all started.

“After 10 years of battling with mental health issues, without seeking treatment Grant was hospitalized in 2012 and diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The ocean and surfing was Grant’s saviour in tough times when he was released from hospital. He discovered that one wave is really all it takes. After hiding mental health issues for years, he decided enough was enough, it’s time to start talking and sharing his experience to try and help others. “Maybe if I share the simple recipe of saltwater, surfing and talking about mental health I can prevent people from ever feeling the way I did”. So one Friday morning he decided to dress up in a shirt and tie and go surfing solo at Bondi to try and spark conversations about mental health. That was the first OneWave “board meeting” and four board meetings later, Fluro Friday’s were born.”

b17b9920-7579-452c-9d5b-0ec0ebed181a {The OneWave Lads! Sam, Grant & Joel} 

After finally getting my butt down to Bondi last weekend I got to experience first hand the absolute raw energy and positive power OneWave has on the local community. Even before I made the trip down to NSW I knew these guys were onto something special, which is why I introduced our own little Fluro Friday sessions to my bootcamp in Brisbane. The different vibe and positivity that radiates when we don the tight and brights is actually incredible. It’s amazing to see the reaction we get just by banding together, dressing silly and creating a positive space- we don’t even have a beach!!

xxxIMG_6623 {The SPROUTIES & I representing #FluroFriday from Brissy}

The OneWave Surfing Experience aims to bring that positive energy to people who need it the most- those who are currently undergoing treatment and even hospitalization for mental illness. It’s a 12 week surfing program run in conjunction with mental health organizations in the local area. Group participants are sourced from local mental health services and specific cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is incorporated into the weekly schedule, with a variety of clinical topics discussed over the duration of the program.

To get this incredible program off the ground, OneWave needs your help.



$50 can get one person experiencing mental health issues in the water.

$500 can fund one person to be part of the 12-week OneWave Surf Experience.

$5,000 can fund an entire 12-week OneWave Surf Experience for 10 people experiencing mental health issues

And if OneWave hit their tipping point of $50,000 our support will help them implement the following initiatives:

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 7.52.34 PM

The One Wave Surfing Experience aims to facilitate recovery for people living with mental health issues and to make mental health a more mainstream topic of conversation. This program will encourage and assist participants in sharing lived experience, in a shift towards reducing the stereotypes and stigma surrounding mental

After all mental health is real, so lets talk about it.

If you would like to donate, please head to

FullSizeRender{Freeing the funk with OneWave’s Joel at Bondi} 

{Professional shots courtesy of David Bryant Photography}

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Christmas Cocktails

7 December 2014

While we all know alcohol is very much a “sometimes” beverage, I’m not going to pretend I don’t love the odd glass of wine or cheeky cocktail (especially at Christmas)! And though the message is always about everything in moderation, we can still make better choices even when indulging in festive drinks.

The easiest way to make a cocktail a little less naughty is to eliminate most of the sugary mixers and sodas. By replacing the bulk of the drink with sparkling mineral water you automatically remove a load of sugar and extra calories. Truthfully you don’t need a whole glass of juice or soda, but just a splash for taste.

Now I’m a sucker for a margarita. I’ve never been one for the super sweet drinks so the smack of sour from the lemon juice and saltiness around the rim of the glass is exactly the kind of flavours that sing to me. Below I have shared two (healthier) festive twists on the standard margarita. One that appeals to sweeter palates and one that kicks an extra punch! Remember though, you can modify almost any of your favourite cocktail recipes by simply subbing out the bulk of the sugary mixers and replacing it with soda or sparkling mineral water.


Cranberry Margarita

Ingredients (serves approx 5)

180ml tequila

100ml cointreu or triple sec

250ml (1 cup) sparkling water or soda water

125ml (1/2 cup) lemon or lime juice

125ml (1/2 cup) cranberry juice

Fresh lime and cranberries or blueberries to serve.

Mix all ingredients and serve over ice with fresh cranberries or blueberries and lime.

Note – If margaritas aren’t your thing (whats wrong with you?), then you can easily turn this into a Cosmopolitan by substituting the tequila for vodka and removing the lemon juice.


Jalapeño Margarita (a personal favourite)

Ingredients (serves approx 5)

180ml tequila

100ml cointreu or triple sec

250ml (1 cup) sparkling water or soda water

125ml (1/2 cup) lemon or lime juice

½ to 1 jalapeño sliced and muddled (start with half, you can always add more!)

Fresh jalapeños, rock salt & lime to serve

Muddle sliced jalapeño with a slice of lime in the bottom of the cocktail shaker. Add the remaining ingredients and mix till combined. Serve through a strainer over ice with salt rim, lime wedge and sliced fresh jalapeño.





(Remember at the end of the day, alcohol is still alcohol so should always be consumed in moderation and responsibly!)


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Surviving The Silly Season

12 November 2014

“I always fall off the wagon during the festive season. It’s too hard to stick to my normal eating habits”

Ok. Time for some tough love people. The silly season is very much upon us and it’s time to buckle up before the sleigh ride starts.

No more excuses about SO. MANY. PARTIES. No more beating yourself up about that extra Christmas pudding. Time to get real, stop bashing yourself and actually enjoy the festive season (and stay healthy!).

Let’s play with numbers here. If you’re eating approximately 5 meals a day -smaller snack meals included, that’s roughly 35 meals a week. SO! Even if you have a work Christmas party, team lunch, family BBQ, cheeky champagne at lunch and an impromptu boozy night all in one week, that’s 30 meals that can still be healthy. 30!!

Stop throwing in the towel because of one bad meal or day or week. Every time you eat or drink, it’s a chance to fuel your body and nourish it from the inside out. Sometimes we make good decisions, sometimes we don’t. If you don’t have a choice at a particular event or function, THAT’S OK. Enjoy the treat, indulge a little. ITS CHRISTMAS! Eat the flipping haloumi. Just choose a better option for your next meal.

We need to break this terrible negative cycle around food and treats. Life is too short to beat yourself up over a puffed pastry. I mean really, think about it. Is a mince pie really going to dictate your mood for the rest of the night? Sure, it’s probably not the best option, but for the love of Rudolph get over it! If you don’t like the way the food makes you feel (physically or mentally) then don’t eat it. If you can eat half a dozen rum balls without kicking your subconscious, then all the power to you. Your body, your decision.

As a budding nutritionist, some might find my statements a little controversial, but I’ve always believed the biggest problem with our diets is the mental connotations attached to the foods we eat.

I choose to live a life of balance. I choose REAL wholesome foods 80-90% of the time because it makes my body feel GOOD! Not because it’s the latest diet of the decade, but because I know the healthy food I choose to eat makes me feel far better than when I choose processed crap. And because I do this every single day, I no longer feel bad when I indulge a little. Don’t get me wrong, I still keep my diet in check but it’s just about balance. Even at Christmas time.


Some extra tips for the silly season

– Keep moving. Christmas time is not a time to stop being active. You don’t have to flog yourself but make exercise a priority every day. Go for a walk with family, participate in a group surfing lesson, try something fun and different

– Stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water (especially when consuming alcohol) will keep you hydrated, feeling full and lessen the hangover.

– BYO healthy option. Make healthy versions of your own favourite Christmas treats. Inspire others to do the same.

– Don’t eat everything that floats by you on a canapé plate. Stop for a second. Be present. Do you really like/want/need it? No? Then wait for something that you’ll actually enjoy.

– One canapé at a time. Don’t be the person with the napkin overflowing with dumplings, spilling sauce down their face. Not cute. (Again, be present. Are you eating just because the food is in front of you?)

– When you know it’s just going to be drinks, eat something healthy and substantial before you go. That way, when the champers is flowing you won’t feel the urge to order a bowl of wedges.

– Make cocktails with sparkling water and fruits for flavor instead of sugary mixers.

– Choose when to drink. Tuesday morning Secret Santa morning tea? Maybe stick with a tea…

– At buffet events, load up on good greens first. This is the perfect style of dining for you to monitor what you eat. Fill half the plate with greens, vegetables and salad, a quarter with meat or protein and then a small amount of carbohydrates. Pass on the dinner roll.

– You don’t have to say yes to EVERYTHING. This includes the invitation itself! Pick and choose which events you actually want/need to attend. When we over schedule our calendars this creates more stress around an already very busy time of year.

– Enjoy yourself! Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year! Keep up your healthy practices, look after yourself and enjoy those festive treats without the guilt.


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