I have trained with Bianca for over a year now and she has completely transformed my mind and my body. She became my trainer, my nutritionist, my support and most importantly, my friend. When I started with her I thought exercise was a necessary evil that I had to do if I wanted to enjoy food, but now I look forward to ever session so I can see her and the other women and get fit at the same time. She has given me a more holistic view on the way in which my body works and helped me understand why my body reacts the way it does. Bianca has helped me lose fat, build muscle and guided me through some tough times and kept me on track.
Madison, Revenue Analyst.

If it wasn’t for Bianca & SPROUT I would still be overweight, unhappy, cranky with low self esteem
and probably would not have fallen pregnant as easily as I did. Meeting B was the best thing that
has happened to me. She is an amazing trainer who is always so encouraging and positive and with
so much knowledge on nutrition and overall health, not just fitness. Before I met B I was 115kg, so unhealthy and didn’t exercise. I was so scared and nervous to go and exercise in public but B was so encouraging and made me feel so comfortable that before I knew it I was hooked! I am now happy, healthy, fit and have just had a baby who is almost six weeks old. Bianca’s training has helped my mental attitude to exercise and health as a whole. I am a more positive and happy person, have more knowledge about nutrition and have an overall better outlook on life. I can’t thank B enough for being so encouraging and helpful with my journey and look forward to working with her now post pregnancy. I LOVE SPROUT!
Stephanie, New mum & Beauty Therapist.

At 40 years of age and having not done any exercise since leaving school I never thought I would
want to go to a bootcamp UNTIL, I met Bianca from SPROUT. Bianca is fantastic! She has extensive knowledge in health and fitness and has REAL advice that is not impossible to follow and it gets results. She is understanding, attentive and tough when she needs to be and caters for all fitness levels. Because of Bianca and SPROUT I have dropped 2 dress sizes, completed a stair challenge and I now have the energy to keep up with my children. I want to get up in the morning and go; I want to go work out after work; I am cranky when I can’t go because I feel I have made a friend with B! Her sessions are full of sweat and laughter! Thanks B for changing my life, I feel amazing!
Deborah, Pharmaceutical Sales Manager.

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