Jessica Kable

Jessica is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist who graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2019. Jessica has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience working within private practice. She works closely with medical and allied health professionals and educators to provide a holistic approach to assessment and therapy to all families. Jessica believes in a neuro-affirming approach and working collaboratively with families to identify strengths and areas of support. She enjoys fostering unique potential, celebrating strengths and empowering clients and families to achieve their goals.

Jessica has presented at various workshops and parent training events in a range of skills including fine motor and school readiness development; inclusive play and ages, and stages of development and play skills. She has worked in local community teams to assist in designing inclusive playgrounds and rooms that support development and sensory regulation. Prior to qualifying as an Occupational Therapist, she spent several years working in the disability sector as a support worker. Jessica has training in More Than Words (for parents of children with language delays); Makaton Key Sign and Visual Aids; The MORE Protocol; Therapeutic Listening; Therapressure Protocol; Sensory Integration; Zones of Regulation, Traffic in my brain, ABA and Behavioural Intervention Programs.

Jessica has a strong interest in increasing access to allied health services; parent and caregiver education and ensuring that developmental gaps are closed. She has a passion for early intervention; including school readiness; play skills and social development. She focuses on trauma informed care and has an additional interest in developing vocational and life skills in adolescents and young adults.